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Research Finding Statelessness Minority Groups in Cambodia: Takeo, Kampong Chhnang, and Pursat Provinces

Stateless persons including Vietnamese and Khmer Krom who are living in the country have been considered as one of the many persisting challenges in Cambodia society. As one of the many developing countries in South East Asia, Cambodia is acutely met with the complexity of the issue; Statelessness in Cambodia has been a matter of significant concerns for the last decade. It’s become a political agenda for political parties in the country. Especially, the ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia is one of the minority groups most at risk of statelessness while the Khmer Krom has the same situation.

At the present, the exact number of stateless people is not known, but UNHCR estimates that there are at least 10 million globally situated in all regions of the world. Approximately one third of these are children. Otherwise, the statistics reveals that there were 1.4 million stateless persons or persons at risk of statelessness in Asia and included Vietnam (11,500) but exact number of stateless persons in Cambodia was unknown or not addressed. The statelessness of these persons leaves them socially disadvantaged in being unable to economic rights and entitlements afforded to those with a nationality.

The study aims to achieve the following objectives: 1) Research on the situation in relation to legal documents among ethnic Vietnamese and Khmer Krom Refugee, and 2) Meet the expected outputs through collecting legal status and the possession of identification papers of Vietnamese minority members and Khmer Krom in various communities in three provinces.

This report can be found in Khmer here.

Uploaded on: Aug 07, 2017
Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017
Year Published: 2016

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Citizenship & Identification, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law Tool Type: Case Study, Reports / Research Target Population: Stateless Method: Research Languages: English Regions: Cambodia