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Skills Training and Capacity Building in Harm Reduction

By: International Harm Reduction Development Program

This resource directory presents activities that reflect the International Harm Reduction Development Program’s (IHRD) commitment to capacity building through approaches that pool the expertise of stakeholders and support the development of project sustainability.

The activities and examples on the following pages are offered as a possible guide for other donors and HIV prevention initiatives.

In order to build capacity in harm reduction development throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (CEE/fSU) and to foster organizational capacity in individual projects, IHRD and Soros foundation provide:

  • Training
  • Technical assistance from Technical Advisors
  • Study tours and site visits
  • Sites of excellence in Russia and Ukraine
  • Networking opportunities, including financial support for the Central and Eastern European Harm Reduction Network
  • Conferences and fellowships
  • Communications materials and other literature

This resource directory outlines each of these capacity building efforts in CEE/fSU.