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Statelessness and Displacement: Scoping Paper

By: Norwegian Refugee Council , Tilburg University

With nearly 2.5 million Syrian refugees seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and an additional 6.5 million internally displaced within Syria, the risk of statelessness represents yet another by-product of the ongoing conflict and a further consequence facing the millions of displaced Syrians. This report will provide a preliminary analysis of how statelessness impacts those who have been forcibly displaced not just from Syria, but throughout the world. The analysis highlights the two most significant links between statelessness and displacement, first exploring how stateless communities are often at increased risk of forced displacement and then how forced displacement itself may contribute to increased risks of statelessness. Finally, the report explores how statelessness may increase vulnerability in forced displacement contexts and the extent to which this can pose additional challenges to addressing their needs.

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Uploaded on: Jul 02, 2018
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