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The role of lawyers in the social transformation: Lawyers in the Republic of China in the perspective of legal power

Abstract: The lawyers in the Republic of China played important roles in the social transformation and modernization since the end of the Qing dynasty. They were regarded as “non-government legal officers” either by the law, the social cognition or the self-cognition of lawyers in this period. From the perspective of legal power, the conditions for their participation in the social transformation included their identity, autonomous organizations, social capital and wealth. With such power, they exerted much influence on the agendas of the social transformation through the judicial system, social movements, political networks, and political roles. The cases of the lawyers in the Republic of China can shed much light on our modern society because lawyers can be not only guardians of the existing laws and orders, but also reformers and promoters.

Uploaded on: Jan 15, 2016
Year Published: 2015

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Traditional / Customary Justice Tool Type: Journal Articles & Books Method: Research, Strengthening Customary Justice Systems Languages: Chinese Regions: China