Stories from Program: Health

April 16, 2019

Pressing for Privacy Rights – Silvia’s Story

by Namati in

It was at the end of 2017 that Silvia* first noticed the sores on her skin. Over the coming months, they got worse. She developed a persistent fever and was constantly exhausted. By March, her weight had dropped from 85 kgs to 70. Silvia knew what the symptoms suggested; she knew she should get an…

March 5, 2019

“I was ashamed to say what I had and how I felt…”

by Namati in

Chicuque Rural Hospital is a reference health facility for Maxixe District and the 2nd largest health facility in Inhambane Province, Mozambique. Since September 2017, community members were complaining about the lack of privacy in the health facility due to inadequate space for consultations. According to the community, it was common for two providers to attend…

May 6, 2018

Delivering Maternal Rights and Justice in Mozambique

by Namati in

When Mariamo* arrived at her local health center in Mozambique on a Sunday night in April 2017, she found the maternity ward empty. Her labor pains were intense. A security guard ran to the staff living quarters to inform the nurse on night duty. Without performing a physical exam, the nurse declared that Mariamo was not yet…

February 28, 2017

Sensitizing Health Workers to the Needs of the Elderly in Mozambique

by Ellie Feinglass in

Davide de Conceição is a Namati health advocate in Mozambique, supporting a busy facility in Inhambane Province. In 2016, he began hearing complaints from elderly patients about the lack of courtesy and respect they were shown during their clinic visits. Ministry of Health policy states that elderly patients should receive priority attention at health facilities,…

December 13, 2016

Privacy for Patients

by Ellie Feinglass in

Our health advocate Lina, who works in a busy district hospital, received a complaint from a group of HIV patients regarding the lack of privacy in the hospital pharmacy.  Large numbers of patients at the were crowding around the windows where prescriptions are disbursed, making it easy for others to see which medicines each patient had been given.  A number of HIV patients reportedly…

December 13, 2016

Delivery Amid Abuse

by Ellie Feinglass in

Alcina has lived her entire life in an isolated coastal village in Mozambique’s southern region, without access to electricity, running water, or transport. She gave birth to her three children at the local health center – a 17km trek from her home. Within moments of each delivery, she was forced to get out of bed…

December 9, 2016

The Loss and Delay of HIV Patients’ Lab Results

by Ellie Feinglass in

At a bustling health center on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique, nearly 8,000 patients living with HIV receive care and treatment. Despite the high volume, the health facility did not have a CD4 machine on-site for measuring the level of immuno-suppression in HIV patients. Blood samples had to be transported to a nearby hospital for…

December 6, 2016

Full Prescriptions Half Filled

by Ellie Feinglass in

When Marizinha, a patient at a bustling peri-urban health facility in Inhambane Province, Mozambique went in June to the pharmacy for a consult, the doctor wrote her a prescription for 60 pills. Just enough for one month. However, the pharmacy tech at the health center dispensed only 30 of the pills. “He acted like he…

June 22, 2015

A Mother Empowered

by Paul McCann in

The quickest way to get to the village of Matimani, a few hours north of Maputo, is through the giant Marragra sugar cane plantation. You drive past the four-story white buildings of the processing plant and down onto a 100km-square plain of green rectangles. The grid-order of the South African-owned estate is in some contrast…

April 24, 2015

“The Cleaner was Giving Vaccinations”

by Paul McCann in

As you drive north out of Maputo, Mozambique’s capital city, you pass a stretch of beach where, at low tide, people are digging for clams – both for themselves and for the city’s seaside restaurants. A little further north and the road turns to sand that has been leveled – so it can be tarmacked…