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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators


The Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators (also known by its Spanish acronym IJFP) works to build access to justice for vulnerable women and indigenous communities who live in rural areas by establishing a program of judicial facilitators or paralegals, with national coverage, administered by the Justice Department and recognized by the judiciary. Network Spotlights are…

Member Spotlight: AWN Access to Justice Network


AWN Access to Justice is a UNDP-funded network of legal aid providers in the Gaza Strip, bringing together the Palestinian Bar Association, 25 civil society organisations, young law professionals and academic institutions. It provides legal services, including representation, litigation, mediation and arbitration, in 18 mobile legal aid clinics across the Gaza Strip. Network Spotlights are…

Member Spotlight: Bar Hostess Empowerment Support Programme


The mission of the Bar Hostess Empowerment Support Programme (BHESP) is to influence policy and facilitate provision of quality health services, human rights awareness, legal services and economic empowerment for sex workers, women having sex with women, women using drugs and bar hostesses in Kenya. It serves as a common voice for these vulnerable populations…

Member Spotlight: Monks’ Community Forest


In the face of lawlessness and impending destruction, the Monk’s Community Forest has empowered Cambodia’s poorest villagers to protect their local forest, and has allowed them to benefit from its resources. By lobbying for “community forest” status, attained in 2009, it has enabled forest-dependent communities to manage their forests sustainably to support their livelihoods. Network…

Member Spotlight: Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization


Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organisation (NNDSWO) is committed to the elimination of caste-based discrimination and centuries of “untouchability”. It advocates for the rights and interest of Dalits, builds their capacity and confidence so they can claim and exercise their own rights. It promotes better access to quality education and sustainable livelihoods, and raises awareness on…

Member Spotlight: Karenni Social Development Centre


The Karenni Social Development Centre (SDC) works to protect the environment in rural Eastern Myanmar and promote the human rights of the Karenni people – in Myanmar and in refugee camps in Thailand. It teaches students non-violent skills to help build a new society and to develop the rule of law in Myanmar. Network Spotlights…

Member Spotlight: The Florence Project


The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project provides free legal services to men, women, and unaccompanied children in immigration custody in Arizona, USA. It works to ensure that all immigrants facing removal have access to counsel, understand their rights under the law, and are treated fairly and humanely. Member Spotlights are short profile articles focusing on members…

Member Spotlight: Proyecto Surcos


Proyecto Surcos (‘Furrows Project’) is an interdisciplinary group working in Community Health in Argentina. It promotes healthier living conditions from the resources of each community it serves, through the exchange of knowledge and skills. It has developed a health rights program to empower members of the Guaraní M’bya tribe in the Misiones region of north…

Member Spotlight: S M Sehgal


Network Spotlights are short profile articles focusing on members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Spotlight articles use case studies and ‘key lessons’ to provide useful insights into the work of other network members. Whether you are working in the same country, with similar issues or want to understand new legal empowerment approaches, the Network Spotlight is…

Member Spotlight: SUAKA


SUAKA, the Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Rights Protection, assists asylum seekers with legal advice and education during their resettlement claims in Indonesia. It also advocates for the country to sign the 1951 UN Convention on Refugee Rights, and is building a network of students, academics, volunteers and organizations to work for the country’s…

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