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Annihilation By Deforestation; How The Pursuit Of Short Term “Gain” Will Be The Death Of A Country

A global increase in demand for logging products is devastating Sierra Leone’s forests.

Deforestation is making the country drier and farming a challenge because of the unpredictable and violent rainfall.

Fifty years ago, Sierra Leone had over 60% of its original forest cover intact, today, only a fraction of that remains, less than 5%

In 2019, Sierra Leone sold over 10 million slow-growing rosewood trees for less than US$2.50 per tree.

In this op-ed, Namati Sierra Leone Director Sonkita Conteh, warns that if the Sierra Leone government does not stop a trade that has not and will never be profitable, the nation will lose all its forest cover in a few years.

Read the full op-ed on Sierra Express Media.

March 2, 2021 | Sonkita Conteh

Region: Sierra Leone