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All About Power: Understanding Social Power & Power Structures

Srilatha Batliwala, CREA,

When activists try to change people’s lives, or tackle the injustices they face, we are actually trying to change power equations. Understanding power in terms of both power structures and power relations is very important for anyone who is an activist working for social change. It is even more important for anyone working on women’s…

Democratic Accountability and Service Delivery: A Desk Review

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance,

This report explores how different modalities of democratic accountability can improve service delivery. The paper outlines four ideal dimensions to evaluating the effectiveness of accountability relations: standards, answerability, responsiveness and enforceability.  The report analyzes 16 cases in which citizens held public officials accountable for the delivery of public services through the above proposed dimensions.

El derecho en América Latina. Un mapa para el pensamiento jurídico del siglo XXI

Cesar Rodríguez Garavito (Coord.),

Este libro ofrece una muestra especial del gran cambio experimentado por la refl exión sobre el derecho latinoamericano en las últimas dos décadas. Reúne a una generación de juristas que imaginó, primero, y ayudó a motorizar, luego, importantes avances sociales e institucionales en sus respectivos países y en la región. Los escritos muestran a un…

Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results

UNDP Evaluations Office,

The Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results is intended to: ■ Strengthen the results-oriented monitoring and evaluation function and capacity in UNDP for the purpose of improving programmes and policies, organizational learning and accountability; ■ Introduce simplified, streamlined and flexible approaches and tools to monitor progress towards outcomes that are consistent with the org…

Investigación Villas del Sol- Compromiso Comunitario y Social

Colectivo La Nueva Escuela ,

Este documento de Colectivo Nueva Escuela es una encuesta para miembros de la comunidad que participa o quiere participa en la actividades que ayuda su comunidad.

Auditoria Social – Colectiva para la defensa de los derechos de las mujeres en Guatemala CODEFEM


Hablar de auditoría social deviene de un proceso sistemático de análisis para obtener y evaluar de una forma objetiva las evidencias relacionadas con informes sobre actividades de distinta índole y otros acontecimientos similares, cuyo fin consiste en determinar el grado de correspondencia del contenido informativo con las pruebas que le dieron origen. La auditoría social es…

Kenya Social Exclusion Analysis Report

VSO Horn and East Africa Region,

Kenya has a population of over 40 million, officially 42 ethnic groups, probably 60 or more depending on definitions. There are economic, social and cultural inequalities, which can be found throughout the country and generally a sense that the country has not yet learnt to effectively harness its diversity as a strength in its development but…

The United Nations – Reflection, Critical Analysis

Christian Bwanga Makabika,

The presentation of these materials on the United Nations by the National Commission on Refugees is divided into four chapters. The first to know: General Information on the O. N. U.(UN) it is to investigate empirically and concise its genesis, its mission in the world as well as the system implementation for its operation. In…

Understand the Tanzania Cybercrimes Act 2015 – Simplified Language

Samson Mmari (FOLEA),

Tanzania Cybercrimes Act, 2015 it was tabled before the National Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania as a bill on March 2015 by the Ministry of Communication Science and Technology during the 19th National Assembly meeting under the emergence certificate. This book contains a simplified language which will create awareness to the readers on…

Human Rights Projects: Guidelines for Scientists and Human Rights Organizations

AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition,

A group of collaborating scientists and representatives of human right organizations prepared these guidelines as part of the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition’s Working Group on Service to the Human Rights Community. The guidelines are intended to facilitate and promote cooperation between scientists and human rights organizations seeking technical expertise and to provide guidance…

Leadership in Action

Posted by Namati in General

In June, SiriusXM’s Business Radio program, Leadership in Action, interviewed Namati’s founder and CEO, Vivek Maru. The audio from the show is now available below. Business Radio features world-renowned and distinguished executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and other experts as special hosts and guests. Broadcasting from Wharton’s Ivy League campus and Silicon Valley, Business Radio covers every aspect of business in…