Namati Staff & Board

Advisory Council Network Guidance Committee Paralegals Staff & Board
Vivek Maru

Chief Executive Officer

Lee Boyce

Director of Finance and Administration

Sonkita Conteh

Director, Sierra Leone Program

Ellie Feinglass

Director, Right to Health Program

Laura Goodwin

Director, Citizenship and Myanmar Programs

Rachael Knight

Director, Community Land Protection Program

Paul McCann

Director of Communications and Advocacy

Manju Menon

Director, Environmental Justice Program

Abigail Moy

Director, Global Legal Empowerment Network

Indira Sarma

Chief Operating Officer

Bridgetta Amoateng

Finance and Administrative Director, Sierra Leone

Kanchi Kohli

Legal Research Director, Environmental Justice

Dr Mahabaleshwar R. Hegde

Program Manager, Environmental Justice

Meenakshi Kapoor

Program Manager, Environmental Justice

Satnam Kaur

Finance and Administration Manager, Environmental Justice

Eduardo Malo

Program Coordinator, Right to Health

Nyi Nyi Lwin

Program Manager, Myanmar

Dr Bharat Patel

Program Manager, Environmental Justice

Jaron Vogelsang

Program Manager, Community Land Protection

Daniel Woldegebriel

Accounting Manager

Stacey Cram

Global Advocacy Specialist

Tobias Eigen

Community Builder

Joana Falcão

Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, Right to...

Nadja Remane Gomes

Legal Advisor, Right to Health

Sérgio Mahumane

Program Officer, Right to Health

Michael Otto

Network Advisor

Ofélia Paunde

Program Officer, Right to Health

Alcides de Sacrifício Jaime

Finance Officer, Right to Health

Daniel Sesay

Program Officer, Sierra Leone

Hassan Sesay

Legal Empowerment Advocate, Sierra Leone

Ye Yint

Program Officer, Myanmar

Marena Brinkhurst

Program Associate, Community Land Protection

Deyla Curtis

Operations Associate

Jaimie Grant

Communications and Advocacy Associate

Khin Htet Wai

Program Associate, Myanmar

Nant Thi Thi Oo

Data Entry Associate, Myanmar

Nyi Nyi Htwe

Data Entry Associate, Myanmar

Preeti Venkatram

Program Associate, Environmental Justice

Ricken Patel

Board of Directors

Chi Mgbako

Board of Directors

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Board of Directors

Matt Brown

Board of Directors

Chetan Gulati

Board of Directors

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